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Neat Orkestra Tower Speakers


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Neat Orkestra Tower Speakers

Neat Orkestra tower speakers have a very small footprint and can be easily accommodated in compact spaces. Combining stunning bass power with delicacy, it delivers a comprehensive depiction of all types of music.

The upper section houses the ribbon tweeter and a 170mm drive unit handling bass and midrange, thus acting as a sealed 2-way speaker in its own right.

This is sealed off from the lower section, which features two downward-facing 170mm drive units in isobaric configuration, handling only the very low bass frequencies as if it were an integrated subwoofer.

The crossover is a minimal design, employing 1st & 2nd order slopes. The crossover components are all hard-wired, with point-to-point connections in order to maximize integrity. The crossover components are of premium audiophile quality and include high-voltage polypropylene capacitors and low-loss air-cored inductors.

The ORKESTRA is supplied with a single terminal pair as standard.

Bi-wire/bi-amp terminals can be fitted at no additional cost if specified with the order.


Size (h x w x d): 103 x 22 x 24cm

Footprint (w x d): 32 x 24cm

Drive Unit Dimensions: 1 x 75mm Ribbon Tweeter, 3 x 170mm Main Drive Units

Frequency Range: : 20Hz – 40kHz

Impedance: 8 Ohms

Sensitivity: 88dB/2.83v

Neat Orkestra Tower Speakers