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Ruark Audio

Ruark RS1 Subwoofer


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Colour — Walnut

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Ruark RS1 Subwoofer

Music is more than just sound - it’s an experience, a journey. At the heart of every RS1 design is the genuine pleasure of music. Unlike traditional speakers that prioritize thunderous bass, RS1 emphasizes a deep, controlled, and above all, musical sound.

Acoustic Excellence

Ruark's commitment to acoustic excellence can be observed in the painstakingly optimized enclosure and custom drivers. These components work in harmony to present listeners with a natural extended bass that is not only swift but also rhythmic.

Big Power, Small Size

Underpinning this auditory marvel is the advanced 100-watt Class D amplifier. Designed with the modern audiophile in mind, this new generation amplifier maintains rigorous control of the bass driver, regardless of volume. This ensures a consistent, undistorted listening experience. And while its power is vast, we've incorporated soft clipping to safeguard the system against potential overloads.

Auto On/Off

Ease of use hasn't been overlooked. RS1 comes equipped with a straightforward setup and an auto-on/standby function. So, the music starts when you want it to and saves energy when you don’t. Dive into a world where technology meets art, and where sound becomes an experience – dive into the world of RS1.

Ruark RS1 Subwoofer