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Ruark R1 Radio


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Colour — Light Cream

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Ruark R1 Radio

Ruark R1 radio (R1 MK4) includes a clock, alarm function and Bluetooth. Discerning customers will appreciate the modern contemporary design, functionality and superb sound thanks to the NS+ speaker. R1 is a multiple award-winning clock radio that compliments any bathroom, office or bedroom.


The subtle profile of the cabinet provides a perfect surface for the new Light Cream and Espresso lacquer finishes. Internal bracing of the polymer enclosure improves acoustics and makes for the ideal housing of electronics and the proprietary NS+ driver. The hand-crafted slatted wood grill delivers a timeless Eames like feel that is still clearly Ruark.


A linear A/B amplifier along with an NS+ driver and custom equalization produce a sublime and expansive sound at all volume levels. The high contrast OLED screen effortlessly shows time, alarm and program information. Brightness auto adjusts to ambient light levels making it a perfect bedside companion. FM reception is excellent and with a quality Bluetooth receiver also included, you can quickly connect and enjoy all your favourite streaming services. A USB charge and playback port on the rear of the unit supports most formats including FLAC and WAV and a switchable line input for other auxiliary devices.


Finally, Ruark's trademark RotoDial controller is intuitive and simple to use. For those seeking distant operation, a compact remote control is available as an option and may be ordered separately.


Hospitality features are available through a software upgrade specifically designed for hotel guests, contact us for more info.

• Class leading sound with adaptive EQ
• FM Tuner
• High quality Bluetooth receiver
• Intuitive Rotodial Control System
• Linear amplifier with Ruark Natural-Sound+ driver
• High contrast OLED display with auto dimming
• USB-C charge and playback port
• Contoured polymer enclosure with acoustic treatment
• Hand-crafted slatted wood grille
• Adjustable treble and bass settings
• Easily customized settings for hotel use
• Improved power management with optional battery pack
• Optional remote control with direct access pre-sets
• Stereo headphone output
• Easy-to-use comprehensive dual alarms
• Finishes: Light Cream and Espresso lacquers
• Dimensions #size: H175 x W130 x D135mm
• Weight: 1.5 Kg

Ruark R1 Radio