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Soulnote D1N DAC


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Soulnote D1N DAC

SOULNOTE D1N DAC is designed to deliver unparalleled audio quality and compatibility with the latest high-resolution sound sources. With support for up to 32-bit/768 kHz PCM and 22.6 MHz DSD (DSD512), it ensures that you experience every detail and nuance of your favourite music like never before.

Key Features:

High-resolution audio compatibility: Enjoy the full potential of new high-resolution sound sources across a wide range of PCM and DAD formats, including USB inputs, coaxial digital inputs (2 systems), and AES/EBU connections.

Cutting-edge DAC technology: Equipped with the ES9038PRO, ESS' flagship 32-bit DAC, the D1N takes audio performance to new heights. With a monaural mode that achieves the world's highest specs (DNR140 dB), it delivers an immersive and lifelike listening experience.

Discrete non-negative feedback amplifier: SOULNOTE's original amplifier design operates in the MHz region and receives up to 120 mA from the powerful DAC current supply. This innovative combination ensures vibrant and energy-filled music playback that surpasses standard OP amplifier circuits.


    Input format(USB)   PCM, DSD (DoP v1.1 , ASIO)
    Input format(Coaxial・AES/EBU)   PCM,DSD(DoP v1.1)
    Supported sampling frequency(USB)   Max.768kHz (PCM) / Max.22.6MHz (DSD)
    Supported sampling frequency(Coaxial・AES/EBU)   Max.192kHz (PCM) / Max.2.8MHz (DSD64 DoP v1.1)
    PCM quantization bit rate(USB)   16bit, 24bit, 32bit
    PCM quantization bit rate(Coaxial・AES/EBU)   16bit, 24bit
    USB profile   USB 2.0, USB Audio 2.0
    Digital input   USB (Type B)、coaxial x2(SPDIF)、AES/EBU
    Analog output   XLR x1、RCA x1
    Analog Output level(XLR)   5.6Vrms
    Analog Output level(RCA)   2.8Vrms
    Frequency characteristic   2Hz to 120kHz (+0/-1dB)
    S/N ratio   110dB
    Total harmonic distortion   0.003%
    Analog filter   Two-dimensional passive
    Power voltage   230V AC 50Hz
    Power consumption   40W
    Maximum external dimensions   Main unit: 430(W)×109(H)×379(D)mm
    Weight   10kg
    Included accessories, Spikes

    Soulnote D1N DAC