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Soulnote D2 DAC


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Soulnote D2 DAC

Unleash the True Power of Digital Audio

SOULNOTE D2 DAC is a revolutionary audio device that combines cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship to deliver an unrivalled audio experience. With its advanced features and innovative design, it sets a new standard for digital-to-analog conversion.

Key Features:

Ultra-low jitter performance: The D2 utilizes the LMX2594 from Texas Instruments, a state-of-the-art DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) with exceptional performance. With a remarkable jitter specification of 45 fs (femtoseconds), the D2 ensures precise timing and an incredibly clear and deep soundstage. It surpasses traditional DDS ICs used in audio equipment, delivering unmatched accuracy and eliminating phase noise.

Multiple clock input options: The D2 supports a 10MHz external reference clock input, allowing you to achieve crystal-quality performance. It also features a high-performance TCXO (Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator) with minimal phase noise. The seamless switching between internal and external clocks, using a high-frequency relay with mechanical contacts, prevents jitter interference and ensures optimal signal integrity.

Four ES9038PRO DACs in a non-feedback configuration: The D2 breaks new ground by incorporating four ES9038PRO DACs, two per channel, in a completely symmetrical non-feedback discrete amplifier. This unique setup delivers exceptional dynamic range and a natural, vibrant sound reproduction. The ES9038PRO, with its ultra-strong current output of 120mA per channel, enables lifelike music playback with enhanced clarity and vitality.

NOS mode for enhanced audio quality: In addition to the traditional FIR oversampling mode, the D2 introduces a NOS (non-oversampling) mode that eliminates pre- and post-echoes associated with oversampling. The result is a cleaner analog output with minimal noise and improved time-axis information, creating a more engaging and realistic listening experience.

Twin-mono construction for superior channel separation: The D2 adopts SOULNOTE's original discrete no-feedback differential amplifier in a twin-mono configuration. This design ensures complete independence between the left and right channels, including the power supply rectifier, minimizing crosstalk and maximizing channel separation for an immersive audio experience.

Advanced noise reduction techniques: The D2 employs a 4-layer circuit board with optimized artwork to eliminate noise at its source. It utilizes a 70-micron copper foil and implements comprehensive noise countermeasures without relying on sound quality-affecting filters like ferrite. Unwanted radiation is suppressed below the noise floor level in all modes, guaranteeing a clean and distortion-free audio signal.

Future-ready digital board: The D2 features an independent digital board structure that allows for future updates and expansions. It ensures a reliable and high-quality connection with the analog circuit, as the soldered pin header eliminates sound degradation caused by connector contact resistance.

Versatile operation modes: The D2 offers flexible operation modes, including "STEREO," "MONO Lch," and "MONO Rch." In MONO mode, the power supply margin is doubled by disabling the ES9038PRO on the opposite channel side, resulting in virtually infinite channel separation.

Innovative Bulk Pet transfer method: The D-2 introduces the revolutionary Bulk Pet transfer method for USB-Audio data transmission. This newly developed Bulk transfer method reduces the load on both the computer and the D/A converter, resulting in a significant improvement in sound quality. To utilize Bulk Pet, a dedicated driver needs to be installed.


    Input format (USB) PCM, DSD (DoP v1.1, ASIO native)
    Input format (coaxial, AES/EBU) PCM, DSD (DoP v1.1)
    compatible Sampling frequency (USB) Maximum 768kHz (PCM) / Maximum 22.6MHz (DSD)
    compatible sampling frequency (coaxial, AES/EBU) Max. 192kHz (PCM) / 2.8MHz (DSD64 DoP v1.1)
    PCM quantization bit rate (USB) 16bit, 24bit, 32bit
    PCM quantization bit rate (coaxial・AES/EBU) 16bit, 24bit
    digital input USB (Type B), coaxial 2 systems (SPDIF), AES/EBU 2 systems
    External clock input 10MHz (BNC50Ω)
    Analog output XLR 1 system, RCA 1 system
    Analog output level (XLR) 5.6 Vrms
    Analog Output Level (RCA) 2.8Vrms
    Frequency Response 2Hz to 120kHz (+0/-1dB)
    S/N Ratio 110dB
    Total Harmonic Distortion 0.008% (NOS/176.4kHz)
    Analog Filter Secondary Passive
    Power Supply Voltage AC100V 50/ 60Hz
    power consumption 56W (J60065)
    Maximum external dimensions Main body: 430 (W) x 160 (H) x 405 (D) mm
    Weight Approx. 17 kg
    Accessories Spike, power cable
    JAN cord Premium Silver: 4580197834733 Premium Black: 4580197834740

    Soulnote D2 DAC