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Soulnote E1 Phono Stage


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Soulnote E1 Phono Stage

Unleash the Soul of Your Vinyl Collection

SOULNOTE E1 Phono Stage is a meticulously crafted and perfectly balanced audio device designed to enhance the sonic realism and clarity of your analog sources. With its unique non-NFB (non-negative feedback) design and exceptional circuitry, it delivers an unparalleled listening experience that resonates deep within your soul.

Key Features:

Discrete non-NFB phono equalizer: The E-1 takes advantage of the exceptional transient responsiveness and extended high range achieved by non-NFB amplifiers. By incorporating RIAA elements in the voltage amplification circuit loads, it ensures uniform quality across the entire frequency range above 100 kHz. This innovative design eliminates the drawbacks of both CR and NF types, resulting in perfect curve characteristics and remarkable augmentation of clarity and sonic realism.

Perfectly balanced circuits for MC input: The E-1 fully supports balanced cartridge input, providing an immersive soundscape that expands in three dimensions. With its balanced input XLR terminals and the use of XLR two-core shielded cables, the E-1 becomes a perfectly balanced non-NFB phono equalizer from input to output, delivering minute details that resonate with your soul.

Flexible functions: The E-1 offers an array of functions to customize your listening experience. The LOAD selector allows you to choose the appropriate load impedance (1,000 ohms, 300 ohms, 100 ohms, 30 ohms, 10 ohms, or 3 ohms) for MC input. The MM input function enables the use of MM cartridges and MC step-up transformers. The LOW CUT switch reduces woofer movement caused by record warping, ensuring a smooth listening experience.

Balanced output: The E-1 features a strong and balanced output, thanks to its fully balanced non-NFB buffer amplifier. This amplifier is capable of driving loudspeakers, delivering exceptional audio performance. Unbalanced outputs are available through the HOT balanced output, maintaining consistency with other SOULNOTE products.

Toroidal power supply transformer and non-NFB power supply: The E-1 incorporates a 260 VA toroidal transformer, known for its superior performance. Combined with Darlington ripple filter circuits, fast recovery diodes, and 10 parallel 1,000 μF filter capacitors, the non-NFB power supply ensures an inexhaustible sense of lightness and power, enriching your listening experience.

Direct mechanical grounding construction: The E-1 features a direct mechanical grounding construction that expels harmful vibrations outside the unit, preserving the purity of the audio signal. The spikes connecting to the transformer's centre of gravity achieve vibrant musical expression and a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Metallic insulators for higher sound quality: As a testament to our commitment to superior sound quality, the E-1 comes equipped with metallic insulators (when under load) instead of conventional plastic insulators. These metallic insulators further enhance the overall audio performance of the unit, providing a truly immersive listening experience.


    Input sensitivity   MC:0.5mV , MM:5mV
    Load resistance   MC:3ohm , 10ohm , 30ohm , 100ohm , 300ohm , 1kohm / MM:47kohm
    Gain   MC:70dB , MM:50dB
    Rated output   Balanced output:2.8V , Unbalanced output:1.4V
    RIAA deviation   ±0.3dB
    Power voltage   230V
    Power consumption   48W
    Maximum external dimensions

    Main unit: 430(W)×109(H)×409(D)mm
    Weight   9.5kg
    Included accessories   Spikes

    Soulnote E1 Phono Stage