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Soulnote E2 Phono Stage


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Soulnote E2 Phono Stage

Soulnote E2 Phono stage is an all-in-one solution designed to support a wide range of phono cartridges, including both conventional MC/MM cartridges and DS Audio photoelectric cartridges. Through technical collaboration with DigitalStream, this remarkable device brings together cutting-edge technology and innovative circuitry to deliver an unmatched audio experience.

Key Features:

Dedicated non-NFB phono equalizer circuits for photoelectric cartridges: The E2 incorporates specialized equalizer components with differential emitter bypass channels and low circuit impedance. By leveraging SOULNOTE's original perfectly balanced non-NFB circuits, the E2 eliminates electrical stress, avoids phase compensation, and surpasses band limitations.

These circuits are specifically tailored to unleash the full potential of photoelectric cartridges, taking advantage of their exceptional transient responsiveness and delivering a breathtakingly vibrant and vivid music soundscape. Please note that photoelectric cartridges do not support past Toshiba or Trio cartridges.

MC LOAD switching: The E2 provides six types of load impedance switching functions, allowing you to optimize the performance of your MC cartridges. This flexibility ensures that you can extract the most from your cartridges and achieve the desired sound quality.

Multiple inputs for versatile connectivity: With the E2, you can effortlessly connect and switch between four different input options. These include MC balanced inputs, MC/MM unbalanced inputs (two types), and dedicated photoelectric cartridge inputs. This versatility allows you to accommodate various systems and seamlessly integrate your phono setup into your audio configuration.

MM load capacity switching: To fully unleash the capabilities of MM cartridges, the E2 features three load capacity switching functions. These functions ensure optimal performance and fidelity when using MM cartridges, offering a wide range of possibilities to suit your preferences.

Wide support for old-time EQ curves: The E2 extends its compatibility to old-time EQ curves before the RIAA standardization. With MC/MM cartridges, it provides comprehensive support for these vintage EQ curves, enabling you to enjoy your cherished vinyl records with utmost authenticity and accuracy.


    Input sensitivity   MC:0.4mV , MM:4mV , OPT:50mV
    Gain   MC:72dB , MM:52dB , OPT:30dB
    Rated output   Balanced output:2.8V , Unbalanced output:1.4V
    RIAA deviation   ±0.2dB
    MC Load resistance   3ohm , 10ohm , 30ohm , 100ohm , 300ohm , 1kohm
    MM Load capacitance   100P , 200P , 350P
    MM Load resistance   47kohm
    Equalizer frequency ROLL-OFF [KHz]   1.59 , 2.12(RIAA) , 2.59 , 3.18 , 6.89 , FLAT
    Equalizer frequency TURNOVER [Hz]   250 , 390 , 500(RIAA) , 630
    Equalizer frequency LOW LIMIT [Hz]   50(RIAA) , 71 , 100 , 125 , 150 , FLAT
    Power voltage   230V
    Power consumption   48W
    Maximum external dimensions   Main unit: 430(W)×160(H)×410(D)mm
    Weight   20kg
    Included accessories   Spikes

    Soulnote E2 Phono Stage