Art of Listening with the Exposure 360 Turntable

Mar 19, 2024Leon Scott
Exposure 360 turntable

In an era where digital streaming dominates the music scene, vinyl records have seen a remarkable resurgence, revered for their warm, rich sound that many enthusiasts argue cannot be replicated by any other medium. Exposure, a brand synonymous with superior sound quality for half a century, has answered the call of vinyl lovers everywhere with the introduction of the 360 Turntable. As a tribute to their 50th Anniversary this Limited Edition marvel of audio engineering offers an A to Z solution for the vinyl connoisseur.

The Design Philosophy

The 360 Turntable is borne of a desire to marry tradition with technology, embodying a design philosophy that prioritizes audio purity above all. Every component, from the plinth to the power supply, has been meticulously crafted in England to enhance the listening experience, making every record spin a journey through soundscapes untouched by the digital age.

Innovative Features for the Audiophile

At the heart of the 360 Turntable is its innovative plinth, constructed from a laminate with a core of polyurethane foam. This choice of materials ensures a lightweight yet sturdy base, minimizing resonance and allowing the true sound of vinyl to shine through.

The turntable stands on isolation feet crafted from santoprene rubber, reinforced with aluminum. This design choice serves a dual purpose: it absorbs unwanted vibrations that could mar the listening experience and ensures that your music is the only thing that moves you.

Precision is key in vinyl playback, and the 360 Turntable excels with its ultra-low friction brass hub bearing. Combined with a 24V motor and aluminum pulley, it guarantees a smooth, uninterrupted rotation, ensuring that every note reaches your ears exactly as intended.

The tonearm of the 360 Turntable is a masterpiece of engineering, offering high-quality precision tracking to reduce distortion and maintain the integrity of the audio signal. It’s a testament to Exposure’s commitment to delivering pure, unadulterated sound.

Perhaps one of the most groundbreaking features is the turntable’s external power supply unit, which not only powers the device but also houses a precision speed controller. This innovative addition ensures unwavering speed stability and allows for push-button speed selection between 33.3RPM and 45RPM, catering to all your listening needs.

Elegance in Design

The Exposure 360 Turntable doesn’t just sound beautiful; it looks the part too. Available in an elegant black finish, it’s designed to complement any decor, serving as a statement piece in any audiophile's collection.


The Exposure 360 Turntable is more than just a player; it’s an experience. It invites you to rediscover the art of listening, to immerse yourself in the depth and warmth of vinyl records. In a world that moves too fast, it’s a reminder to pause, listen, and truly hear.