Running in Style: Nike's Iconic Shoes and the Music That Inspires Them

Jun 19, 2023Leon Scott
Running in Style: Nike's Iconic Shoes and the Music That Inspires Them - AUDIONATION

When it comes to running, two essential elements can significantly impact your performance and mindset: the right pair of shoes and the music that accompanies your strides. Nike, a renowned athletic brand, has long been synonymous with running shoes that combine style and functionality.

But did you know that the design of Nike's iconic shoes draws inspiration from the pulsating beats and captivating melodies of the music world? In this blog, we explore the unique relationship between Nike's running shoes and the music that fuels their design.

Nike has collaborated with numerous artists and musicians over the years to create running shoes that embody the spirit of their music. One notable collaboration is Nike's partnership with Drake.

Drake, OVO, Jordan, Nike

Nike's Air Jordan collaboration with Drake, a global superstar in the hip-hop industry, also left a significant impact on the design of their running shoes. The OVO Air Jordan 12 Retro edition was inspired by the Japanese flag and a creation from the legendary Nike/Jordan designer Tinker Hatfield. These shoes incorporate luxurious materials and subtle branding, reflecting Drake's attention to detail and refined sense of style.

Music's Influence

Not only do musicians influence the design of Nike's running shoes, but the music itself serves as a driving force behind their creation. Nike understands that music has the power to motivate and energize runners during their workouts. That's why they curate specialized playlists and partner with streaming platforms to offer tailored music experiences for runners.


Nike's collaboration with Spotify, for example, enables users to access exclusive playlists curated by professional athletes and renowned DJs. These playlists are carefully crafted to synchronize with different types of runs, whether it's a leisurely jog or an intense sprint. By matching the rhythm and energy of the music to the pace of the run, Nike aims to enhance the overall running experience and help athletes reach their full potential.


Furthermore, Nike's running shoe commercials often feature captivating soundtracks that amplify the emotions associated with running. These commercials blend dynamic visuals with carefully selected music to create a multi-sensory experience that resonates with athletes. From high-energy tracks that ignite adrenaline to melodic tunes that evoke a sense of tranquility, the music in Nike's commercials plays a crucial role in capturing the essence of running.

Nike's running shoes are not merely functional athletic gear but also works of art inspired by the world of music. Collaborations with influential musicians and the incorporation of music into their design process have allowed Nike to create shoes that reflect the creativity and energy found in various musical genres.

So, the next time you lace up your Nike running shoes and hit the pavement, remember that you're not only running in style but also running to the beat of the music that inspired them.

Note: This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute endorsement or affiliation between Nike and the mentioned musicians.