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Exposure 3510 Mono Power Amplifiers (Pair)


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Exposure 3510 Mono Power Amplifiers (Pair)

Exposure 3510 mono power amplifiers share the circuit design of the reference 5010 series but with less power. The oversized and custom toroidal power supplies deliver a conservative 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms. Balanced and unbalanced inputs combined with the bi-wire terminals using high-quality shrouded sockets offer a wide range of connections, even for large cables. An all-aluminum case reduces EMI and RF noise, improves cooling and contributes to a longer life.

3510 series amplifiers are fast, delivering uncompromised power and control of speakers. These produce the signature Exposure sound and are among the best that Exposure has ever made.

Exposure 3510 Mono Power Amplifiers (Pair)