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Exposure VXN Active Crossover and Power Supply


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Exposure VXN Active Crossover and Power Supply

Exposure VXN active crossover is custom-made depending on the speakers you are using and includes 2-way or 3-way versions. Combining cutting-edge technology with years of audio experience, these products offer a level of performance that simply has to be heard to be believed. VXN active crossovers must be combined with the external VXN linear power supply unit.
  • All active circuitry using discrete transistors – no ICs in the signal path
  • Very low noise regulators used
  • Level setting by DIP switches for good sound and repeatability
  • Very high-quality capacitors are used in the signal path, all 1% tolerance for accurate setting of frequency roll-off
  • Dual mono construction using separate PCBs
  • All aluminum casework and extruded front panel to control resonance and stray electro-magnetic fields

Power Supply

Exposure's new VXN power supply provides a super smooth DC feed to the VXN phono stage or VXN electronic crossover in order to deliver the full potential of your high-end turntable or speakers (required).

The VXN PSU dramatically improves depth and detail in the sound output of partnering components. Enclosed in an aluminum chassis, the custom linear power supply is in line with 64 reference-grade capacitors to deliver a super clean DC signal to matching VXN components.

VXN components are made to order and require 10-15 business days for production. Pre-payment is required and orders are final due to the custom nature of the product. Black finish only.

Exposure VXN Active Crossover and Power Supply