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Exposure VXN Phono Stage


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Exposure VXN Phono Stage

Exposure VXN Phono amplifier only uses discreet transistors without integrated circuits in the signal path. Combined with low noise power supply regulators used in multiple stages, high-quality resistors, and polypropylene caps used in all critical areas of the RIAA equalization, the VXN will deliver reference performance levels with any high-end turntable.

A phono cartridge signal is so tiny, that amplifying it while remaining faithful to the original recording, and without introducing noise, remains one of the hardest things to do correctly.

Separate MM and MC inputs are selectable on the front, and adjustable loading and gain switches are on the back. The chassis is constructed in all-aluminum casework and extruded front panel. The VXN phono amplifier must be combined with the external VXN linear power supply unit.

VXN components are made to order and require 10-15 business days for production. Pre-payment is required and orders are final due to the custom nature of the product. Black finish only.

Exposure VXN Phono Stage