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Michell Audio

Michell Record Clamp


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Michell Record Clamp

Get better sound from your vinyl with the Michell Record clamp. Constructed from Black Delrin, the standard record clamp includes an anodized cast aluminum insert and knob for long life and smooth fitting (not white metal). Made in England. 

The standard version includes felt and PTFE pads and is designed for Gyro, TecnoDec, or other brand name turntables. A specific Exposure / Rega version is also available for the shorter Exposure / Rega spindle.

Delrin is an excellent replacement for metal because of its high-tensile strength, low weight (easier on bearings) and high wear resistance, warp resistance, and overall durability. Delrin material properties include superior dampening compared with metal, high density, and low moisture absorption. It is chemically resistant to solvents or cleaners, which is ideal for use with records.

Please note: The felt washer is not included on the Rega version clamp because the spindle on Rega turntables is only 5mm and there is not enough length to accommodate it. Some customers have used a small piece of cloth but it is not really necessary if you apply the proper amount of force (Don't over tighten). The standard version includes the pad more as a safety feature from over tightening than necessity, and the extra spindle length (6mm) on standard spindles is sufficient for it's inclusion.


Michell Record Clamp