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Neat Ministra Bookshelf Speakers


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Neat Ministra Bookshelf Speakers

The award-winning Neat Ministra bookshelf speakers use a boundary design for discreet close-to-wall placement. The presentation is typically Neat; musically engaging, with a generous soundstage and tremendous agility. Bass is surprisingly well extended, displaying the same levels of control shown with other Neat designs.

Neat Ministra bookshelf speakers are still a two-way speaker but incorporates a second mid-bass driver directly behind it. The two drivers function as one, and both receive the same feed from the crossover. This means that the Neat Ministra bookshelf speakers effectively has double the radiating area of a conventional two-way speaker, which produces bandwidth well beyond that of a conventional bookshelf design.

These isobaric drivers are 134mm units made from specially treated paper that will stand up to the extreme changes in humidity we experience in Canada. The tweeter is a 50mm ribbon developed from experience gained through the award-winning IOTA range. Neat Ministra bookshelf speakers crossover point is in the 4kHz region for a seamless transition between the mid-bass drivers and tweeter for sublime midrange vocals. This is the bookshelf that does it all.

David Price from Stereonet has this to say about the Ministra: "Whether you're after your first serious stand-mounter or downsizing from a big box but cannot live without realistic-sounding music, "Neat Ministra bookshelf speakers are an essential audition. With its wonderfully open, informative and enjoyable sound, it's the class of the sub £2,000 field – and any prospective purchaser of small speakers should hear it if they possibly can. Thanks to its excellent packaging, classy drive units and isobaric loading, it shows that sometimes, less can be more."


ENCLOSURE TYPE: Two-way Isobaric/regulated reflex.
Drive units:
2 x 134mm treated paper cone type.
HIGH-FREQUENCY UNIT: 50mm true-ribbon type.
DIMENSIONS (h/w/d): 30x17x29cm
WEIGHT: 8kg each. (SHIPPING WEIGHT 20kg: pair)
SENSITIVITY (2.83v/1m): 86 dB/1 watt
Neat Ministra Bookshelf Speakers