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Neat Petite 30 Limited Edition Speakers


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Colour — Piano Gloss Black

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Neat Petite 30 Limited Edition Speakers

Petite 30 is an almost complete redesign of the iconic Neat Petite which was a fan favourite and one of the best speakers of its kind. While maintaining the original dimensions, the new version includes custom 150mm polypropylene woofers and top-notch Air Motion Transformers, true ribbon tweeters.

The crossover is constructed from the finest parts and underwent a nearly two-year selection process to source, select, and match the perfect combination. Dual speaker terminals and gold-plated jumpers are included, allowing for a bi-wire configuration using either spade or banana style connectors.

The gloss piano cabinets are made in England with a novel dual-port design of two different sizes. The larger port is fitted with a foam bung for tuning and is the recommended configuration by the manufacturer. Each pair is handcrafted from start to finish at the Neat factory by one person, one at a time, to ensure the highest standard of quality.

The speakers deliver a spacious soundstage that is both wide and tall. Superb imaging and lush midrange are comparable in many ways to BBC-type speakers of this size. One noticeable difference is the sublime and shockingly deep bass. How Neat achieves this kind of sound from such a small enclosure is a mystery to us, but this has been the secret sauce throughout the line for many years now.

Included with the Limited Edition Petite 30 (100 pairs worldwide) is a signed plate on the rear by designer and founder Bob Surgeoner, along with a small booklet commemorating the history of Neat. A bonus USB drive has been added with samples of Bob's music dating back to 1967.


Dimensions: 32 x 20 x 18cm
Bass-mid unit: 150mm proprietary polymer cone
Tweeter: Circular Air Motion Transformer 
System type: 2-way, twin bass reflex
Average Impedance: 4ohms
Sensitivity: 87dB
Bandwidth: 35Hz-22kHz
Shipping weight: 15kg per pair.

Neat Petite 30 Limited Edition Speakers