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Soulnote X3 Master Digital Clock


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Soulnote X3 Master Digital Clock

Introducing the remarkable Soulnote X-3, a precision-based digital clock featuring OCXO (Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator) technology. With its core OCXO, the X-3 guarantees a stable and accurate 10MHz oscillation frequency, while boasting an impressively low phase noise. Unlike the more common TCXO, the X-3 offers higher accuracy for precise frequency oscillation.


To ensure the utmost accuracy in frequency oscillation, Soulnote has meticulously designed a top-tier power supply for the X-3. With a 200VA toroidal transformer, equivalent to the one used in a 100W power amplifier, the X-3 delivers a robust and stable current output. The utilization of ultra-high-speed SiC diode rectification, coupled with multiple small-capacity capacitor arrays, enables the X-3 to provide ample and agile power supply. Moreover, Soulnote has developed an exclusive non-feedback discrete voltage stabilizing circuit, guaranteeing a reliable and clean power supply.

Noise Free

In their pursuit of a noise-free power supply, Soulnote has gone the extra mile. They have effectively eliminated any residual noise originating from components such as power supply LED lights and relays. This meticulous attention to detail creates a remarkably quiet power supply environment, allowing the X-3 to perform at its best.


The Soulnote X-3 represents a pinnacle of precision and engineering excellence. With its OCXO technology, superior power supply design, and meticulous noise reduction, the X-3 offers audiophiles and enthusiasts an unparalleled audio experience. Discover the power of precision with the Soulnote X-3.

Soulnote X3 Master Digital Clock