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The TecnoWeight is a great upgrade for anyone with a compatible Rega tonearm. This easy-to-fit counterweight system is made from heavy stainless steel and aluminum. *Compatible with all Rega tonearms and derivatives, except RB100 series tonearms.
The kit comes with two different weight sizes, enabling you to tailor it to the weight of your chosen cartridge. The TecnoWeight is an underslung weighting system, putting the counterweight in line with the phono cartridge, contrary to the traditional donut-style counterweights.

Having the weight in this position, lowers the centre of gravity of the entire tonearm, making it inherently more stable. The TecnoWeight is not decoupled from the tonearm like its traditional counterparts, this means the added mass of the TecnoWeight can help dampen internal resonance in the arm tube, allowing your cartridge to perform at its best